Ordering gift and debit cards through Scrip is a great way to help the SCC Scholarship Fund.

How it works: Place your order for gift cards to places you already shop at such as gas stations, grocery stores & department stores, restaurants, home improvement stores etc.. In doing this, SCC earns free money from the companies that you order from without any extra money out of your pocket. If half of the families at SCC ordered just one or two gift cards in any given month, we could earn several thousand dollars each year for the scholarship fund.

You will find over 600 of your family’s favorite shopping destinations on www.shopwithscrip.com or by picking up an order form.  If you would like to download a condensed order form, click here /images//scripform.pdf. Complete order forms are available at the Welcome Center in the back of church.  Your order with payment is due the second Sunday of each month.  Scrip cards will be available at church by the following Thursday. You may wait and pick them up at church on the following Sunday if you prefer.

If you haven’t registered your family for online ordering, visit www.shopwithscrip.com and select Saranac Community Church with the enrollment code of C632F5C52395L. It is very easy to do this and your order is automatically sent to our church scrip coordinator.  You can bring your payment to church or pay online for a small 15¢ fee.

If you have any questions on how this program works please contact Mark Fritsma.